McHenry Country Club enjoys a reputation of being one of the finest golf courses in Northern Illinois. The challenging design of our beautifully manicured course winds through a park like setting of rolling fairways lined with mature trees. The natural rolling terrain and elevation changes create a unique playing experience that will bring you back time after time. (Click on Hole Number for Hole Description.)

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Hole 1

Par 4

Handicap Men: 13
Women: 13

344 331 319

A classic warm up hole. Length is not important off the tee. The tee shot must avoid the large oak that sits on the right side of the fairway. Shots hit to the right of the tree will usually result in a chip back into the fairway. Out of bounds runs down the left which can catch the long hitters using a driver for their opening shot. Second shot is a short iron to a small green which is guarded by two bunkers. Any shot hit over this green will result in a tough up and down.

Hole 2

Par 4

Handicap Men: 11
Women: 7

361 354 339

A dogleg right with a huge oak tree in the middle of the fairway 100 yards from the green. The wise play is straight away off the tee which hopefully gives the player enough room to avoid the tree on the second shot. A 250 yard drive is needed to have a clear second shot. A very quick green from back to front makes club decision vital on this hole.

Hole 3

Par 4

Handicap Men: 9
Women: 1

356 349 344

Considered the hardest short par 4 on the golf course. Only 349 yards this hole tends to play much longer with the drive playing straight into a steep hill. A drive of 250 yards is needed to see the green on your second shot. Most players will be faced with a blind uphill second to the most severe green on the golf course. Any ball hit left of the hole on the approach will leave a nasty downhill putt.

Hole 4

Par 4

Handicap Men: 1
Women: 9

431 418 353

The longest par 4 on the front side is guarded with out of bounds down the entire right side and large trees down the left. This is the narrowest green you will ever see on a hole this long. The green is only 12 yards wide measured at the middle. An extremely difficult target to hit from any distance.

Hole 5

Par 5

Handicap Men: 3
Women: 11

546 536 440

The longest hole on the golf course is a difficult three shot par 5 for most players. Out of bounds down the entire right side will tend to make many players play down the tree lined left side. Second shot must be a straight one to set up a reasonable third. A pond guards this green which makes hole locations on the left side of the green very tricky. Long hitters will enjoy the prevailing west winds and possibly have a go at this green in two but disaster lurks everywhere.

Hole 6

Par 4

Handicap Men: 5
Women: 3

413 403 350

A very difficult par 4 where a drive needs to be placed down the right side to give the player an open shot to the green. Any tee shot in the left rough will be blocked out by a huge grove of oak trees. This green runs from left to right and is very speedy in this direction.

Hole 7

Par 4

Handicap Men: 7
Women: 5

380 371 364

A very underrated hole at McHenry. This 380 yard par 4 has the narrowest fairway on the course. Two bunkers pinch the landing zone for longer hitters 260 yards from the tee. The second shot always plays one club longer especially if the flag is hiding behind the large bunker that protects the front of the green. Any shot hit over this green will result in a difficult up and down.

Hole 8

Par 3

Handicap Men: 15
Women: 15

197 191 128

The eighth is an absolute beauty. 197 yards from the back over the creek which runs in front of the green. This hole always plays 15 yards shorter because of the severe downhill. Don’t be afraid to take enough club . Over the green isn’t that bad here.

Hole 9

Par 3

Handicap Men: 17
Women: 17

170 165 115

Back to back par threes finish the front side at McHenry. At 170 yards it is very possible to hit the same club you hit on number 8 even though it is 27 yards shorter. Any tee shot on the green is a good shot on number 9. While number 8 always plays a little shorter, number 9 always seems to play a little longer.

Hole 10

Par 5

Handicap Men: 4
Women: 2

511 494 421

A terrific par five which plays longer than the 511 yards on the card due to a huge hill in the landing area for the second shot. The tee shot must travel a minimum of 230 yards to cover the dogleg and give the player a clear second shot. Only the longest of players will be able to reach the top of the hill for the third shot. A tiny green awaits over the hill. Aim for the flagpole in the distance.

Hole 11

Par 4

Handicap Men: 16
Women: 12

350 342 310

A short par 4 at 350 yards but if you miss the fairway a chance at par is remote. Driver is not necessary off the tee . Sacrifice distance for accuracy on this hole. Putts on this green will tend to break towards the back of the green.

Hole 12

Par 4

Handicap Men: 2
Women: 16

439 426 416

Long and mean. 439 yards and a sharp dogleg to the left make this one of the stronger holes on the course. Longer hitters may try to cut the dogleg but the trees down the left side tend to swallow golf balls. Second shots will have a tendancy to bounce forward and run up onto the green.

Hole 13

Par 4

Handicap Men: 14
Women: 4

371 359 344

Not long at 371 yards but a drive down the right side will almost always be blocked out by overhanging trees. This green runs away from the player and is very difficult to hold. The putting surface is an illusion. The front of the green is almost two feet higher than the back edge . Putts from front to back are quick.

Hole 14

Par 3

Handicap Men: 12
Women: 18

223 214 166

A 223 par three that we like to call the shortest par 4 on the course. A slope in front of the green will make the hole generally play ten yards longer. Be careful on this green. Above the pin is no fun on this hole.

Hole 15

Par 4

Handicap Men: 6
Women: 8

430 389 326

The fifteenth is a tough par 4 which almost always plays directly into the wind. The hole can be stretched to 430 yards which leaves very long second shots to a small green that sits slightly uphill. Any shot that lands short will not bounce forward.

Hole 16

Par 4

Handicap Men: 8
Women: 6

452 409 354

Sixteen is a difficult hole mainly because of the size of the green. This is the smallest green on the entire course and the hole can be played at a maximum of 452 yards.Keep your drive down the right side as the fairway bunker on the left is no bargain. Second shots will usually bounce forward and onto the green. This is the final hole in the toughest three hole stretch on the course.

Hole 17

Par 5

Handicap Men: 10
Women: 10

514 508 425

A definite par 5 birdie hole. A blind tee shot plays straight downhill but must favor the left side of the fairway. Tee shots to the right will cause problems. A creek crosses the fairway at 280 yards shouldn’t cause problems if a straight drive is hit here. A bunker sits 35 yards short of the green on the right side of the fairway. Avoid the bunker as it leaves a very awkward shot into the green. The green is the flatest on the course and should give the player an opportunity to make a putt.

Hole 18

Par 3

Handicap Men: 18
Women: 14

150 138 127

At 150 yards the eighteenth sounds fairly easy but watch for an east wind. Many balls will dive into the pond when the wind is in your face. Club selection is important on this finishing hole. Along with the pond, three bunkers guard the green awaiting a poorly struck iron.